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How To Wholesale Customize Halloween Eyelash Packaging?

Mamonde Lashes is a professional Wholesale Eyelash Vendor and Manufacturer of Customized Eyelash Packaging, mainly engaged in the business of Wholesale Mink Eyelashes to the United States and other countries in the world. In the past few days, the customer asked about the theme of the Eyelash Packaging in October: Halloween theme.
Elements related to Halloween: pumpkins, bones, ghosts, candy.


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Custom Halloween Day Eyelash Packaging

October is the peak season for the eyelash industry. Usually, we remind customers to consider the design theme of “custom Halloween lashes packaging box” in advance to save design time after placing an order.
In western countries, every October 31st, there is duHalloween, which is interpreted as “The eve of All Saints’ Day” in the dictionary.
Regarding Halloween, people have more or less perceptual awareness: know that during Halloween, many public places and even homes will be decorated with many decorations, such as all kinds of ghosts, pumpkins, and black cats. Witch’s broomsticks; children will wear Halloween costumes that are different every year, carrying a basket of pumpkin lanterns to go door to door begging for sweets, saying “trick or treak”. Besides, do you want to know more?

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Wholesale Custom Halloween Day Eyelash Packaging

First one, The origin of Halloween:

Regarding the origin of Halloween, the most legendary version believes that it originated from the ancient Western European countries before the birth of Christ, mainly including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The ancient Western Europeans in these places were called Druids. Druid’s New Year is on November 1, New Year’s Eve. The Druids let young people assemble in teams, wearing all kinds of weird masks, and carrying carved carrot lanterns (Late pumpkin lantern custom, ancient Western Europe There was no pumpkin at first), they wandered between the villages. This was actually a celebration of the autumn harvest at the time.

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Custom Eyelash Candy Packaging USA

it was also said to be a “ghost festival”. It is said that the souls of those who died that year will visit the world on the eve of Halloween. It is said that people should let the ghosts who visit see the perfect harvest and present the ghosts. Give a hearty hospitality. All bonfires and lights are used to scare away the ghosts, but also to illuminate the route for the ghosts and guide their return.

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Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

In medieval Central Europe, there was a history of Christianity destroying pagans. However, the sacrificial celebration before New Year’s Eve has never really been eliminated, but it appeared in the form of witchcraft. This is why we still have traces of witches’ broomsticks, black cats, and spells in our Halloween.

Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom PackagingEmpty Chocolate Eyelash Packaging

Second, the word Halloween:

Many ethnic groups have celebration parties on the eve of Halloween. This is also called “All Hallow E’en”, “The Eve of All Hallows”, “Hallow e’en”, or “The eve of All Saintas’ Day”. Eventually the convention evolved into “Halloween”.

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Acrylic Custom Lash Boxes

Thirdly,The legend of “Trick or treat”:

 The custom that children dress up and ask for sugar from house to house today is said to have originated in Ireland. Irish pagans in ancient Western Europe believed that ghosts would gather near their homes on the eve of Halloween and receive a banquet. Therefore, after the “banquet” is over, the villagers pretend to be ghost elves, wandering outside the village, guiding the ghosts to leave, avoiding evil and disaster. At the same time, the villagers also paid attention to placing some fruits and other food around the front and back of the house to feed the ghosts so as not to let them harm humans and animals or plunder other harvests. Later, this custom continued and became a joke for children to make fun of the ungenerous family.

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Siberian Mink Lashes Vendors

There are at least two versions of pumpkin lanterns. One said that people hollowed out the pumpkin and carved faces and lit candles to disperse ghosts; the other said that ghosts lit candles, trying to trick people and follow the ghosts, so people were on the surface of the pumpkins. Carve a mocking face to make fun of the ghost: Humph! You are fools. Legend has it that because the Irishman Jack was the first to use the pumpkin, people called the pumpkin lantern Jack-O-Lantern.

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Unique Lash Packaging

Fourth, now Halloween:

Halloween has spread to this day without any religious superstition. It has become a show for children and a show for young people’s fancy dress party. The society has always been giving positive guidance to festival activities: adults are required to educate children not to do intimidating pranks, and adults are also required to take their children out together (usually adults park their cars on the side of the road and children knock on the door to beg for sugar) . Adults should ask children to only go to houses with festive decorations and lighted lights at the door, otherwise they will not bother. In addition, during the sugar begging process, you must always stand at the gate and wait, and you are not allowed to enter the house. The recovered sugar must be handed over to the adult for inspection before being allowed to eat. The people hosting the children are also required not to give home-made food or unpackaged food.

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Best Mink Eyelash Vendor

 Public places and holiday decorations around the home are voluntary. The grimace jack-o’-lantern, white-web-black spider, etc., are all festive decorations, and there is no scary ghost color at all. Some female students also buy a pair of pumpkin or ghost skull earrings to wear at this time. If any of the layouts is too horrible, it will be stopped by the relevant parties, and the media will expose it to public criticism.

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High Quality Mink Lashes Wholesale

In short, Halloween has become a very common seasonal holiday for Westerners. Many people see this as the end of autumn and the arrival of winter. As soon as Halloween is over, people begin to look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and even the New Year.

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